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the paddle

Suwannee River Canoe Trip

Fargo to Cone Bridge Landing (no bridge, just a boat ramp landing)DCIM100GOPRO

Distance: 36 miles

Date: February 11, 12, 13 2013

Water Level Ga Streamflow at Fargo: 1.68

Water Temperature: 67‘F.

Weather: Temperature – 75/60, Partly cloudy. Low pressure moving NE from the Gulf, rain and thunderstorms only 20-30DSC_0029 miles north of us. Only rained on us 2 times – very light.

This is the the lowest water level you would run this section. I had to get out 2 times to drag over shallow areas on the upper half. At this water level, beautiful white sandbars were around almost every bend. A few tupelo were just beginning to bud, but most were still dormant. The first night camp was under a live oak that had fallen years ago. The canopy made a great campsite to prepare a feast in the dutch ovens. The morning bought a short rain shower just after breakfast. It warmed up nicely with partly sunny skies. As you can see in the pictures the trees and their roots came straight out of a fairy tale. Magic.

Limestone outcropping begin to appear alone the banks as we made our way down the river. A few shallow shoals startedDCIM100GOPRO showing up. At this water level we had to choose a route through the shoals to prevent dragging bottom. Below Hwy 6 the banks get higher, 5-10 feet with a few bluffs higher. There are also many springs in this section. The spring water was clear and cold.

Just a few more bends and I was at my takeout.

What a beautiful river.

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