Boy Scouts, Adventure Scouts 


Canoeing the inland rivers of Georgia, offering opportunities for camping, exploring, and expanding your outdoor experience and knowledge.

We have been planning and running Boy Scouts Adventure Trips and programs since 1998. Georgia is a great place for your scouting adventures. You don’t have to travel to far away locations for a high adventure trip. If you are looking for a challege, then start planning your trip now. A weekend or a week, 20 miles or 200 miles, this is a trip every scout can participate in and leave with a better understanding and knowledge of canoeing and the outdoors. This trip can also be used for training and gaining experience towards future trips to different locations. Turn your ideas into reality and start planning your trip today.

We also offer kayaking and stand up paddling along the Typee Island coast with our sister company Sea Kayak Georgia.

Give us a call and let CanoeCanoe Outfitters help you plan your next high adventure camping trip.